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Kids Children Teen TV frequencies on hotbird

All Children Channels frequencies on Hotbird 13A

Thos are all TV channels that broadcast animations cartoon and programs for kids and also a series of shows and fun way for kids to learn about the world around them. Colourful animated videos that teach kids about letters and numbers, shapes and sizes. to watch a  Kid Channel TV on satellite and  enjoy the best tv shows for children and baby enfants as ABC s videos ...

Here are a list of all channel on hotbird Satellite for children and kids till May 2015 .and thier frequencies 

All kids TV Channels frequency on Hotbird 13° E Satellite

Channel LogoTV NameLanguageFrequencies
boomrang +1Boomerang +1Italy12616 H 29900
cartoon netwORKS +1Cartoon Network +1Italy12616 H 29900
NECKLEDEONNickelodeon  Italy12616 H 29900
BOINGBoingItaly11919 V 29900
Rai GulpItaly11804 V 27500
RAI YOYO TV FREQUENCYRai YoyoItaly11766 V 27500
RAI SCUOLA TV FREQUENCYRai ScuolaItaly11766 V 27500
BOING ITALIABoing ItaliaItaly11373 H 29900
NICK JUNIOR ITALIANick Junior ItaliaItaly11355 V 29900
Boomerang ItaliaItaly12218 H 29900
cartoon netwORKS +1Cartoon NetworkItaly12218 H 29900
Disney XD Italia Italy12218 H 29900
Disney Junior +1 Italia Italy12218 H 29900
TELE TOON CHANNEL TV FREQUENCYTeletoon+ PolskaPoland10892 H 27500
Jim Jim +1Italy10775 H 29900
Fox AnimationItaly10775 H 29900
Nick Junior +1 ItaliaItaly10775 H 29900
DEA KIDS TVDeA Kids +1Italy10775 H 29900
Mini mini+Poland10718 V 27500
Mini mini+ HDPoland12278 V 27500
TELE TOON CHANNEL TV FREQUENCYTeletoon+ HD PolskaPoland11411 H 27500
DISENY CHANNEL FREQUENCY FOR KIDSDiseny Channel  +1Italy12635 V 29900
Diseny XD Italia 2Italy12635 V 29900
FrisbeeItaly12635 V 29900
Super!Italy12635 V 29900
Diseny XD +1 ItaliaItaly12635 V 29900
DeA KidsItaly12635 V 29900
K2 ItalyItaly12635 V 29900
Gullifrance12692 H 27500
MangasFrance12692 H 27500
Jim Jamitaly12713 V 29900
Man-gaItaly12713 V 29900
Diseny XD HD ItaliaItaly12731 H 29900
Italia DeA JuniorItaly12616 H 29900