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2M TV All frequencies

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All 2M TV Channel frequencies on Sat

The Moroccan Channel 2M TV is a Moroccan  free to air  televesion  can be watched in Most Countries. So,Here are the  2M frequencies in Europe, Africa, US, UK, North Africa, in USA, in Latin America, In Canada, that the channel is viewed in most known Satellites: as the frequency of 2M TV on Astra, on Hotbird, on Galaxy, Eutelsat, arabsat and Nilesat.
You Can watch 2M channel for free on those satellites and by those frequencies as the channel broadcast for Moroccans audience for FTA
The frequency of 2M TV makes you follow the channel on line live HD on most satellites for free with no extra payment. all you need is a TV occupied with a digital receiver and Dish and  those list of 2M tv frequencies.

List of 2M Monde Morocain TV frequency

20.0°EArabsat 5C3884 R27500
13.0°EEutelsat Hot Bird 13D11034 V27500
3.1°EEutelsat 3B12526 H4444
3.1°EEutelsat 3B12526 H4444
7.0°WNilesat 20112015 V27500
97.0°WGalaxy 1911898 V22000

List of 2M National Maroc  TV frequency

30.5°EArabsat 5A12568 H2960
3.1°EEutelsat 3B12526 H4444
7.3°WEutelsat 7 West A11476 V27500

by those frequencies you can get the Radio 2M Station and enjoy the Moroccan first radio for free
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