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Dubai Sports frequency on Hotbird badr yahsat

Dubai Sports Frequency

bellow a list of Dubai Sports Channel Frequencies :
Frequency of Dubai Sports on Hot Bird
Frequency of Dubai Sports on Badr Arabsat
Frequency of Dubai Sports on Yahsat
Frequency of Dubai Sports on Eutelsat 7W

Frequencies of Dubai Sports TV on Dish :

Dubai Sports 2 HDNilesat 20112092.00Vertical27500 5/6BetaCrypt
Dubai Sports 3Hot Bird 13C11747.00Horizontal27500 3/4Clear
Dubai Sports 4Badr 412130.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Dubai Sports 4Nilesat 20112226.00Horizontal27500 3/4Clear
Dubai Sports 4 HDNilesat 20112092.00Vertical27500 5/6BetaCrypt
Dubai Sports ChannelBadr 412130.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Dubai Sports ChannelNilesat 20111785.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Dubai Sports HDNilesat 10212322.00Horizontal27500 2/3Clear
Dubai Sports HDEutelsat 7 West A12322.00Vertical27500 2/3Clear
Dubai Sports HDYahsat 1A11823.00Horizontal27500 8/9Clear