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Watch Sports Channels on satellite: Channels Frequencies

Sport channels on dish (frequencies of Sports Channels)
watch Sport Channels on satellite

Watch Sports Channels live on satellite channels, Nilesat, Eutelsat, Astra, Hotbird, Intelsat, Hellas, Hispasat, Amos, Thor, Badr, Arabsat, SES, Yahsat, ABS sat, Turksat. using those frequencies below.
Channels broadcast all kind of sports games: football, Cricket, baseball..and covered most important championships over all the world.
We offer you a list of all Sport channels frequencies on satellite listed and ordered alphabetically to easy find the frequency of the Sports television station. 

The frequency of Satellites Channels where to watch Sports games:

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Channel NameSatelliteFreqPolS-R
213 Sport TVThor 612380V30000
A Bola TVHispasat 30W-512168H27500
A SporEutelsat 7A11471H30000
A Spor HDEutelsat 7A11667V30000
A1 SportYahsat 1A11843V27500
AB MoteursBadr 510810V27500
AB MoteursAstra 1N12285V29700
AB MoteursHot Bird 13C12692H27500
AB MoteursEutelsat 5 W A11512V29950
ABS Sports+ActionNilesat 20111862V27500
Abu Dhabi Sport 3 HDNilesat 20112092V27500
Abu Dhabi Sport 4 HDNilesat 20112092V27500
Abu Dhabi Sport 5 HDNilesat 20112092V27500
Abu Dhabi Sport 6 HDNilesat 20112092V27500
Abu Dhabi SportsHot Bird 13C11747H27500
Abu Dhabi SportsNilesat 20112226H27500
Abu Dhabi Sports 2Badr 611804H27500
Abu Dhabi Sports 2Nilesat 20112226H27500
Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HDEutelsat 7 W A12467H27500
Abu Dhabi Sports HDBadr 611804H27500
Abu Dhabi Sports HDEutelsat 7 W A12467H27500
AFN SportsEutelsat 9B11804V27500
AFN SportsIntelsat 10-024175R28000
AFN SportsSES 44114L3680
AFN SportsIntelsat 9034126L3680
AFN SportsIntelsat 9064093L3680
AFN Sports 2Eutelsat 9B11804V27500
AFN Sports 2Intelsat 10-024175R28000
AFN Sports HDEutelsat 9B11804V27500
Al Ahly ClubEutelsat 7 W A12341H27500
Al Iraqiya 3 SportsBadr 611747V27495
Al Iraqiya 3 SportsEutelsat 7 W A12379H27500
Al Iraqiya 3 SportsEutelsat 36B12712V2500
Al Kass HDBadr 412245V27500
Al Kass HDNilesat 20111919H27500
Al Riyadiah SatelliteBadr 412015V27500
Al Riyadiah SatelliteNilesat 20112149H27500
Al Riyadiah SatelliteYahsat 1A11747H27500
Al-Nahar SportEutelsat 7 W A12437V27500
America SportsIntelsat 114026V18530
Arena 1 HDEutelsat 16A11678H30000
Arena 2 HDEutelsat 16A11595H30000
Arena 4 HDEutelsat 16A11512H30000
Arena 5 HDEutelsat 16A11678H30000
Arena Sport 1 HDThor 612034V30000
Arena Sport 3 HDEutelsat 16A11512H30000
Arena Sport 5Hellas Sat 211135V30000
Arena Sport BIHHellas Sat 211135V30000
Arena Sport SlovakiaAstra 3B12109H27500
Arena Sport SlovakiaEutelsat 16A11093V27500
Arena Sport SlovakiaThor 612111V28000
Arena Sport SlovakiaIntelsat 10-0212723V26666
ArenaSport 1Hellas Sat 211135V30000
ArenaSport 2Hellas Sat 211135V30000
ArenaSport 3Hellas Sat 211135V30000
ArenaSport 4Hellas Sat 211135V30000
ArriadiaBadr 412683V27500
ArriadiaEutelsat 21B11569H7220
ArriadiaEutelsat 21B11569H7220
ArriadiaHot Bird 13E10873V27500
ArriadiaEutelsat 7 W A11476V27500
ART Prime SportYamal 2023946L2963
Auto Motor SportEutelsat 16A11470V30000
Auto Motor SportEutelsat 9B11977H27500
Auto Motor SportThor 612073V28000
AutoMotorSport HDAstra 3B12031H27501
Bahrain Sport 1 HDBadr 412226H27500
Bahrain Sport 2 HDBadr 412226H27500
Bara TVAstra 1M10758V22000
Bara TVHispasat 30W-412226V27500
BeIn LaLigaAstra 1M10817V22000
BeIn LaLigaAstra 1M10817V22000
BeIn LaLigaAstra 1M10876V22000
BeIn LaLigaAstra 1M10876V22000
BeIn LaLigaHispasat 30W-412380V27500
BeIn LaLigaHispasat 30W-412380V27500
BeIN Max 1 HD SpainAstra 1KR10729V22000
BeIN Max 1 SpainAstra 1M10788V22000
BeIN Max 1 SpainHispasat 30W-412303V27500
BeIN Max 2 HD SpainAstra 1KR10729V22000
BeIN Max 2 SpainAstra 1L11097V22000
BeIN Max 2 SpainHispasat 30W-511931V27500
BeIN Max 3 SpainAstra 1L11097V22000
BeIN Max 3 SpainHispasat 30W-511931V27500
beIN Max 4 HDEutelsat 25B11565H27500
BeIN Max 4 SpainAstra 1L11097V22000
BeIN Max 4 SpainHispasat 30W-511931V27500
BeIN Max 5 SpainAstra 1L11097V22000
BeIN Max 5 SpainHispasat 30W-511931V27500
BeIN Max 6 SpainAstra 1M10788V22000
BeIN Max 6 SpainHispasat 30W-412303V27500
BeIN Max 7 SpainAstra 1M10788V22000
BeIN Max 7 SpainHispasat 30W-412303V27500
BeIN Max 8 SpainAstra 1L11097V22000
BeIN Max 8 SpainHispasat 30W-511931V27500
BeIN Sport 1 HDAstra 1L11376V22000
BeIN Sport 1 HDHot Bird 13E11096H29900
BeIN Sport 1 HDEutelsat 5 W A12564V29950
beIN Sport 2 HDAstra 1L11376V22000
beIN Sport 2 HDHot Bird 13E11096H29900
beIN Sport 2 HDEutelsat 5 W A12564V29950
BeIN Sport Max 10Astra 1M11895V29700
BeIN Sport Max 10Eutelsat 5 W A11679V29950
BeIN Sport Max 4Astra 1M11856V29700
BeIN Sport Max 4Eutelsat 5 W A11471V29950
BeIN Sport Max 5Astra 1M11856V29700
BeIN Sport Max 5Eutelsat 5 W A11471V29950
BeIN Sport Max 6Astra 1M11856V29700
BeIN Sport Max 6Eutelsat 5 W A11679V29950
BeIN Sport Max 7Astra 1M11895V29700
BeIN Sport Max 7Eutelsat 5 W A11679V29950
BeIN Sport Max 8Astra 1M11895V29700
BeIN Sport Max 9Astra 1M11895V29700
BeIN Sport Max 9Eutelsat 5 W A11679V29950
beIN Sports 1 HDEutelsat 25B11547V27500
beIN Sports 1 HDEutelsat 7 W A12265H27500
beIN Sports 1 HD TurkeyEutelsat 7A10887V30000
beIN Sports 1 HD TurkeyTurksat 3A11675V24444
beIN Sports 1 TurkeyEutelsat 7A11492V30000
beIN Sports 1 TurkeyTurksat 3A11180H30000
beIN Sports 10 HDEutelsat 25B11623V27500
beIN Sports 11 HD ENEutelsat 25B11623V27500
beIN Sports 12 HD ENEutelsat 25B11623V27500
beIN Sports 13 HDEutelsat 25B11642H27500
beIN Sports 14 HD FREutelsat 25B11642H27500
beIN Sports 15 HD FREutelsat 25B11642H27500
beIN SPORTS 16 HDEutelsat 25B11642H27500
beIN Sports 2 HDEutelsat 25B11547V27500
beIN Sports 2 HDEutelsat 7 W A12265H27500
beIN Sports 2 HD TurkeyEutelsat 7A11637H30000
beIN Sports 2 HD TurkeyEutelsat 7A11637H30000
beIN Sports 2 TurkeyEutelsat 7A11471H30000
beIN Sports 2 TurkeyTurksat 3A11180H30000
beIN Sports 3 HDEutelsat 25B11547V27500
beIN Sports 3 HDEutelsat 5 W A12564V29950
beIN Sports 3 HDEutelsat 7 W A12265H27500
beIN Sports 3 HD FranceAstra 1L11376V22000
beIN Sports 3 HD TurkeyEutelsat 7A10887V30000
beIN Sports 3 TurkeyEutelsat 7A11596H30000
beIN Sports 3 TurkeyTurksat 3A11180H30000
beIN Sports 4 HDEutelsat 25B11547V27500
beIN Sports 4 HDEutelsat 7 W A12265H27500
beIN Sports 4 HD TurkeyEutelsat 7A11637H30000
beIN Sports 4 TurkeyEutelsat 7A11596H30000
beIN Sports 4 TurkeyTurksat 3A11675V24444
beIN Sports 5 HDEutelsat 25B11585V27500
beIN Sports 5 HDEutelsat 7 W A12476V27500
beIN Sports 6 HDEutelsat 25B11585V27500
beIN Sports 6 HDEutelsat 7 W A12476V27500
beIN Sports 7 HDEutelsat 25B11585V27500
beIN Sports 7 HDEutelsat 7 W A12476V27500
beIN Sports 8 HDEutelsat 25B11585V27500
beIN Sports 8 HDEutelsat 7 W A12476V27500
beIN Sports 9 HDEutelsat 25B11623V27500
beIN Sports 9 HDEutelsat 7 W A12476V27500
beIN Sports HDEutelsat 25B11565H27500
beIN Sports HDEutelsat 3B10974H10000
beIN Sports HDEutelsat 7 W A12245V27500
beIN Sports Max HD TurkeyEutelsat 7A11667V30000
beIN Sports Max TurkeyTurksat 3A11675V24444
beIN Sports NBA HDEutelsat 25B11565H27500
beIN Sports News HDEutelsat 25B11565H27500
beIN Sports News HDEutelsat 7 W A12245V27500
Bein Sports SpainAstra 1L11097V22000
Bein Sports SpainHispasat 30W-511931V27500
beIN Sports Spain HDEutelsat 25B11565H27500
beIN Sports Spain HDAstra 1KR11258V22000
Benfica TV 1Hispasat 30W-512322H27500
Beikta BJK TVEutelsat 7A10845V30000
Beikta BJK TVTurksat 3A11675V24444
BFBS 5 Sky Sports 1Eutelsat 10A11221V30000
BFBS 5 Sky Sports 1SES-63920R20000
BFBS 5 Sky Sports 1NSS 123800R20000
BFBS 6 Sky Sports 2Eutelsat 10A11221V30000
BFBS 6 Sky Sports 2SES-63920R20000
BFBS 6 Sky Sports 2NSS 123800R20000
BFBS SportEutelsat 10A11221V30000
BFBS SportSES-63920R20000
BFBS SportNSS 123800R20000
Bike Channel HDHot Bird 13B12341V29900
Bike Channel UKAstra 2F11307H27500
BoxNationAstra 2G11567V22000
BoxNation HDAstra 2E12051V27500
British EurosportAstra 2F12148H27500
BT Sport / ESPN HDAstra 2E11385H29500
BT Sport 1Astra 2F11344V27500
BT Sport 1 HDAstra 2E11385H29500
BT Sport 1 HDAstra 2E11385V29500
BT Sport 2Astra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport 2 HDAstra 2E11385H29500
BT Sport 3Astra 2F11344V27500
BT Sport 3 HDAstra 2E11385V29500
BT Sport Extra 1Astra 2F11344V27500
BT Sport Extra 2Astra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport Extra 3Astra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport Extra 4Astra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport Extra 5Astra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport Extra 6Astra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport MosaicAstra 2F11344H27500
BT Sport MosaicAstra 2F11344V27500
BT Sport/ESPNAstra 2F11344H27500
Bundesliga 9Astra 1M11758H27501
Bursaspor TVEutelsat 7A11471H30000
C More Fotboll HDThor 610872V25000
C More Golf HDThor 712476H30000
C More Golf HD DenmarkThor 511325H25000
C More Hockey HDThor 610841H25000
C More Live 5 HDThor 712476H30000
C More Live HDThor 511372V25000
C More Sport 1 HDThor 610872H25000
C More Sport 2Thor 610872H25000
C More Sport HDThor 610934H25000
Canal F1 Latin AmericaIntelsat 113865H17140
Canal+ Deporte 2Hispasat 30W-511811V27500
Canal+ DeportesHispasat 30W-412380V27500
Canal+ FtbolHispasat 30W-412380V27500
Canal+ GolfHispasat 30W-412380V27500
Canal+ HDAstra 1M12012V29700
Canal+ HDEutelsat 5 W A11554V29950
Canal+ HDEutelsat 5 W A12648V29500
Canal+ HDSES 411671V30000
Canal+ LigaHispasat 30W-511931V27500
Canal+ Sport 2 HDHot Bird 13C11258H27500
Canal+ Sport HDAstra 1M12012V29700
Canal+ Sport HDEutelsat 5 W A12648V29500
Canal+ Sport HDSES 411671V30000
Canal+ Sport HD PolskaHot Bird 13C11278V27500
CBC Sport HDAzerspace-111135H27500
Chelsea TVAstra 2F12207V27500
Chelsea TV HDAstra 2E12324V29500
Claro Sports ColombiaSES-63683R3750
Cosmote Sport 1 HDEutelsat 9B12284H27500
Cosmote Sport 2 HDEutelsat 9B12399H27500
Cosmote Sport 3 HDEutelsat 9B12399H27500
Cosmote Sport 4 HDEutelsat 9B12054H27500
Cosmote Sport 5 HDEutelsat 9B12475H27500
Cosmote Sport 6 HDEutelsat 9B12475H27500
Cosmote Sport 7 HDEutelsat 9B12054H27500
Cosmote Sport 8 HDEutelsat 9B12399H27500
Cosmote Sport Highlights HDEutelsat 9B12207H27500
CT SportThor 612111V28000
CT Sport HDAstra 3B12344H29900
CT Sport HDEutelsat 16A11055V27500
CT Sport HDThor 611843V30000
CT Sport HDThor 612380V30000
Diema SportHellas Sat 212606H30000
Diema Sport 2Hellas Sat 212606H30000
Diema Sport 2 HDEutelsat 16A11595V30000
Diema Sport 2 HDIntelsat 12 IS-1211673V30000
Diema Sport HDEutelsat 16A11595V30000
Diema Sport HDIntelsat 12 IS-1211468V30000
Digi Sport 1Intelsat 10-0212608H27500
Digi Sport 1 HD HungaryThor 611823H30000
Digi Sport 1 HD RomaniaThor 611823H30000
Digi Sport 1 HD SlovakiaThor 611977H30000
Digi Sport 2Intelsat 10-0212687H27500
Digi Sport 2 HD HungaryThor 611823H30000
Digi Sport 2 HD RomaniaThor 611823H30000
Digi Sport 2 HD SlovakiaIntelsat 10-0212723V26666
Digi Sport 2 HD SlovakiaIntelsat 10-0212723V26666
Digi Sport 2 HungaryIntelsat 10-0212643H27500
Digi Sport 3Thor 611900H28000
Digi Sport 3 HDThor 611977H30000
DIGI Sport 3 HungaryIntelsat 10-0212643H27500
Digi Sport 3 SlovakiaIntelsat 10-0212723V26666
Digi Sport 4Intelsat 10-0212687H27500
Digi Sport 4 HDIntelsat 10-0212607V26660
Digi Sport 4 SlovakiaIntelsat 10-0212607V26660
Digi Sport 5 SlovakiaIntelsat 10-0212607V26660
Digi Sport HungaryIntelsat 10-0212643H27500
Digi Sport SlovakiaThor 612054H30000
DMC SportsEutelsat 7 W A11449H27500
Dolce SportHellas Sat 212524V30000
Dolce Sport 2Hellas Sat 212688V30000
Dolce Sport 2 HDHellas Sat 211053V30000
Dolce Sport 3Hellas Sat 212606V30000
Dolce Sport 4Hellas Sat 212606V30000
Dolce Sport 5Hellas Sat 210971V30000
Dolce Sport 6Hellas Sat 210971V30000
Dolce Sport HDHellas Sat 211012V30000
Dubai Sports 2 HDNilesat 20112092V27500
Dubai Sports 3Hot Bird 13C11747H27500
Dubai Sports 4Badr 412130V27500
Dubai Sports 4Nilesat 20112226H27500
Dubai Sports 4 HDNilesat 20112092V27500
Dubai Sports ChannelBadr 412130V27500
Dubai Sports ChannelNilesat 20111785V27500
Dubai Sports HDNilesat 10212322H27500
Dubai Sports HDEutelsat 7 W A12322V27500
Dubai Sports HDYahsat 1A11823H27500
EdgeAstra 3B11739V29900
Edge SportEutelsat 16A11595V30000
Edge Sport HD GreeceEutelsat 9B12207H27500
Edge SportsNilesat 20112092V27500
eir Sport 1Astra 2G11170H22000
eir Sport 2Astra 2G11170H22000
eir Sport 2 HDAstra 2G11225V23000
Eleven Extra HDHot Bird 13C11487H27500
Eleven HDHot Bird 13C11487H27500
Eleven Sports HDHot Bird 13C11487H27500
Equi8Astra 1M12480V27500
ESPNTelstar 1212737H7552
ESPN Brasil HDSES-63979L21600
ESPN CaribbeanTelstar 1212737H7552
ESPN HDSES-63979L21600
ESPN Latin HDIntelsat 113776V21700
Esports TVSES 511305H30000
Eurosport 1Astra 5B11973V27500
Eurosport 1Astra 1M10758V22000
Eurosport 1Eutelsat 16A11554V30000
Eurosport 1Hot Bird 13C11240V27500
Eurosport 1Hot Bird 13B12054H29900
Eurosport 1Hot Bird 13B12188V27500
Eurosport 1Eutelsat 7A10803V29900
Eurosport 1SES 511305H30000
Eurosport 1Astra 4A12322V27500
Eurosport 1Thor 612265V28000
Eurosport 1Intelsat 10-0212687H27500
Eurosport 1Amos 310723V30000
Eurosport 1Eutelsat 5 W A12627H35000
Eurosport 1Hispasat 30W-512130H27500
Eurosport 1Hispasat 30W-412226V27500
Eurosport 1Hispasat 30W-512360H27500
Eurosport 1ABS-212670V22000
Eurosport 1Intelsat 12 IS-1211550V30000
Eurosport 1Trksat 4A12188V27500
Eurosport 1Hellas Sat 212606H30000
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 5B12402V30000
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 2E11856V29500
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 3B12109H27500
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 1M10935V22000
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 1L11111H22000
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 1N12207V29700
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 1N12382H27501
Eurosport 1 HDEutelsat 16A11470V30000
Eurosport 1 HDEutelsat 16A11470V30000
Eurosport 1 HDEutelsat 16A11470V30000
Eurosport 1 HDHot Bird 13C10911V27500
Eurosport 1 HDHot Bird 13C11278V27500
Eurosport 1 HDHot Bird 13B12418V29900
Eurosport 1 HDEutelsat 9B12207H27500
Eurosport 1 HDEutelsat 7A10804H30000
Eurosport 1 HDEutelsat 7A10804H30000
Eurosport 1 HDThor 610778H25000
Eurosport 1 HDThor 611977H30000
Eurosport 1 HDAmos 311425H30000
Eurosport 1 HDHispasat 30W-512398H27500
Eurosport 1 HDHispasat 30W-512398H27500
Eurosport 1 HDTrksat 4A11775V27500
Eurosport 1 HDHellas Sat 211012V30000
Eurosport 1 HDHellas Sat 212647H30000
Eurosport 2Astra 5B11973V27500
Eurosport 2Astra 1KR11685V22000
Eurosport 2Eutelsat 16A11554V30000
Eurosport 2Eutelsat 16A11554V30000
Eurosport 2Hot Bird 13C11240V27500
Eurosport 2Hot Bird 13B12034V29900
Eurosport 2Eutelsat 9B12207H27500
Eurosport 2Eutelsat 7A11513H29900
Eurosport 2Astra 4A12322V27500
Eurosport 2Thor 511938H28000
Eurosport 2Intelsat 10-0212608H27500
Eurosport 2Amos 310889V30000
Eurosport 2Eutelsat 5 W A12627H35000
Eurosport 2Hispasat 30W-511811V27500
Eurosport 2Hispasat 30W-512207H27500
Eurosport 2Hispasat 30W-512207H27500
Eurosport 2ABS-212670V22000
Eurosport 2Intelsat 12 IS-1211550V30000
Eurosport 2Turksat 3A11180H30000
Eurosport 2Trksat 4A12072V27500
Eurosport 2Hellas Sat 212688H30000
Eurosport 2 BelgiumAstra 3B12187H29900
Eurosport 2 BelgiumAstra 4A12322V27500
Eurosport 2 GermanyAstra 1L12515H22000
Eurosport 2 GermanyEutelsat 9B12437H27500
Eurosport 2 GermanyAstra 4A12322V27500
Eurosport 2 HDAstra 5B12480V30000
Eurosport 2 HDAstra 2E11856V29500
Eurosport 2 HDAstra 3B12109H27500
Eurosport 2 HDAstra 1M12090V29700
Eurosport 2 HDEutelsat 16A11470V30000
Eurosport 2 HDEutelsat 16A11470V30000
Eurosport 2 HDHot Bird 13C11258H27500
Eurosport 2 HDHot Bird 13B12207H29900
Eurosport 2 HDHot Bird 13B12284H27500
Eurosport 2 HDHot Bird 13B12284H27500
Eurosport 2 HDEutelsat 7A10804H30000
Eurosport 2 HDEutelsat 7A10804H30000
Eurosport 2 HDThor 611977H30000
Eurosport 2 HDThor 712476H30000
Eurosport 2 HD DenmarkThor 610841H25000
Eurosport 2 HD GermanyAstra 1KR11170H22000
Eurosport 2 HD SwedenThor 610778H25000
Eurosport 2 NetherlandsAstra 3B11856V29900
Eurosport 2 North E EuropHot Bird 13C11240V27500
Eurosport 2 PolandAstra 4A12322V27500
Eurosport 2 Romania HungaryHellas Sat 212524V30000
Eurosport 2 UKAstra 2F12148H27500
Eurosport 2 XtraHispasat 30W-512130H27500
Eurosport 2 Xtra HDHispasat 30W-512437H27500
Eurosport 360 HD 9Astra 1N11875H27500
Eurosport DanmarkAstra 4A11881H27500
Eurosport GermanyAstra 1L12226H27500
Eurosport GermanyAstra 4A12322V27500
Eurosport HD NederlandAstra 3B12129V29900
Eurosport NewsAstra 5B11973V27500
Eurosport NewsEutelsat 9B11881V27500
Eurosport NewsHispasat 30W-512476H27500
EuroSport News SpainHispasat 30W-512476H27500
Eurosport Norway HDSES 511305V30000
Eurosport Norway HDThor 610809H25000
Eurosport Norway HDThor 511278V25000
Eurosport RomaniaHot Bird 13C11240V27500
Eurosport RomaniaThor 612456V28000
Eurosport RomaniaHellas Sat 212606V30000
Eurosport Sweden HDThor 610809H25000
Eurosport360 HD 1Astra 1N11914H27501
Eurosport360 HD 2Astra 1M11992H27501
Eurosport360 HD 3Astra 1N12304H27501
Eurosport360 HD 4Astra 1N12382H27501
Eurosport360 HD 5Astra 1N12070H27501
Eurosport360 HD 6Astra 1KR11170H22000
Eurosport360 HD 8Astra 1KR11332H22000
Extreme SportsAstra 5B12246V30000
Extreme SportsEutelsat 16A11595H30000
Extreme SportsEutelsat 7A10845V30000
Extreme SportsThor 511938H28000
Extreme SportsTelstar 12 Vantage11495H21600
Extreme SportsIntelsat 12 IS-1211550V30000
Extreme Sports HDHot Bird 13B12284H27500
Extreme Sports HD FranceAstra 1N12441V29700
Fatstone TVThor 511403V25000
Fenerbahe TVEutelsat 7A11596H30000
Fenerbahe TVTrksat 4A12344V30000
Fenerbahe TV HDEutelsat 7A11455V22500
Fight Klub HDHot Bird 13C11487H27500
Fight World HDEutelsat 16A11554V30000
FightboxAstra 5B11973V27500
FightboxThor 611977H30000
Foot+ 24/24 HDAstra 1N12402V29700
Football 1Astra 4A12130V27500
Football 2Astra 4A12130V27500
FOX Sports 2 AfricaEutelsat 8 W B3957R6200
FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur HD FS1Intelsat 344136V30000
Fox Sports 2 HDAstra 3B12187H29900
Fox Sports AfricaEutelsat 8 W B3957R6200
FOX Sports Andino HDIntelsat 344136V30000
Fox Sports Brasil HDSES-63843L30000
Fox Sports Eredivisie 1 HDAstra 3B11739V29900
Fox Sports Eredivisie 3Astra 3B12129V29900
Fox Sports EuropeHot Bird 13B12054H29900
Fox Sports EuropeEutelsat 7A10803V29900
Fox Sports EuropeTrksat 4A12072V27500
Fox Sports HD EuropeHot Bird 13B11842V29900
Fox Sports HD EuropeHot Bird 13B12169H27500
Fox Sports HD EuropeEutelsat 7B12556V4035
Garage TVSES-63875L3703
Girondins TV HDAstra 1M11934V29700
Goal Alert HDHot Bird 13C12713V29900
GolAstra 1M10758V22000
GolHispasat 30W-412226V27500
Golf Channel FranceBadr 510810V27500
Golf Channel FranceHot Bird 13C12692H27500
Golf Channel FranceEutelsat 5 W A11512V29950
Golf Channel LatinoamericaIntelsat 114193H7200
Golf+ HDAstra 1N12129V29700
GS TVEutelsat 7A11679H30000
GS TVTurksat 3A11675V24444
HD-KTV SportsBadr 412523H27500
HD-KTV SportsEutelsat 8 W B11054V27500
HNTVEutelsat 16A11512H30000
InfoSport+Eutelsat 36B12015H27500
Infosport+ HDAstra 1N12207V29700
Inter ChannelHot Bird 13C12635V29900
Jordan SportEutelsat 7 W A10930H27500
Juventus ChannelHot Bird 13B11842V29900
Kombat SportHispasat 30W-512246H27500
KTV 3 Youth SportBadr 412523H27500
KTV Sport Plus HDEutelsat 8 W B11054V27500
Kuwait Sports PlusBadr 412523H27500
Kwese Free SportsEutelsat 10A3768R7705
Kwese Free SportsIntelsat 20 IS-2012633V16166
LEquipe 21Astra 1L11067V22000
LEquipe 21Hot Bird 13E11681H27500
LEquipe 21Eutelsat 5 W A11471V29950
LEquipe 21Eutelsat 5 W A12648V29500
LaLiga TV BarAstra 1KR10729V22000
LaLiga TV BarAstra 1M10876V22000
Lazio Style ChannelHot Bird 13B11977H29900
Liverpool FC TVAstra 2E11836H27500
Liverpool FC TV HDAstra 2E11739V29500
M4 SportThor 611900H28000
M4 SportIntelsat 10-0212607V26660
M4 SportAmos 310842V30000
M4 Sport HDEutelsat 9B11958V27500
M4 Sport HDThor 611843V30000
M4 Sport HDAmos 310806V30000
Manchester United TVAstra 2F12188H27500
Manchester United TVEutelsat 10A11483V4000
MBC Pro Sports 1Badr 612341H27500
MBC Pro Sports 1 HDBadr 612341H27500
MBC Pro Sports 2Badr 612341H27500
MBC Pro Sports 2 HDBadr 612341H27500
MBC Pro Sports 3Badr 612341H27500
MBC Pro Sports 3 HDBadr 612341H27500
MBC Pro Sports 4Badr 612341H27500
MCS Bien tre HDAstra 1M11895V29700
MCS ExtremeHispasat 30W-512168H27500
Meridiano TVSES-63883R26660
Modern SportsEutelsat 7 W A11487H27500
Mosaico Formula 1 HDHot Bird 13B11900H29900
Motors TVAstra 2F11344H27500
Motors TVEutelsat 16A11427V27500
Motors TVHispasat 30W-512168H27500
Motorsport TV HDAstra 1M11934V29700
Motorsport TV HDHot Bird 13B12169H27500
Motorsport TV HDEutelsat 9B11727V27500
Motorsport TV HDThor 511341V25000
MotorvisionAstra 1KR11170H22000
MotorvisionHispasat 30W-512437H27500
Motorvision HDAstra 5B12168V30000
Motorvision HDEutelsat 9B12207H27500
Motowizja TVHot Bird 13E10834V27500
Movistar Deportes 1Astra 1M10876V22000
Movistar Deportes 1 HDAstra 1M10935V22000
Movistar Deportes 2Astra 1KR11685V22000
Movistar Deportes 2 HDAstra 1KR11435V22000
Movistar F1Hispasat 30W-412226V27500
Movistar F1 HDAstra 1KR10906V22000
Movistar Formula1Astra 1M10758V22000
Movistar FutbolAstra 1M10876V22000
Movistar Futbol HDAstra 1M10817V22000
Movistar GolfAstra 1M10876V22000
Movistar Golf HDAstra 1KR11258V22000
Movistar MotoGPAstra 1KR11156V22000
Movistar MotoGPHispasat 30W-511731V27500
Movistar MotoGP HDAstra 1KR10906V22000
Movistar PartidazoAstra 1M10788V22000
Movistar Partidazo HDAstra 1KR10729V22000
Mtel Sport 1Eutelsat 16A11595V30000
Mtel Sport 2Eutelsat 16A11595V30000
MultideporteAstra 1M10788V22000
MultideporteAstra 1M10788V22000
MultideporteAstra 1M10788V22000
MultideporteAstra 1L11097V22000
MultideporteHispasat 30W-412303V27500
MultideporteHispasat 30W-412303V27500
MultideporteHispasat 30W-412303V27500
MultiftbolAstra 1M10788V22000
MultiftbolAstra 1M10788V22000
MultiftbolAstra 1M10788V22000
MultiftbolHispasat 30W-412303V27500
MultiftbolHispasat 30W-412303V27500
Multisports HDAstra 1N12129V29700
Multisports HDAstra 1N12246V29700
Multisports HDAstra 1L12699V22000
Multisports HDAstra 1L12699V22000
Multisports HDAstra 1L12699V22000
Multisports HDAstra 1L12699V22000
MUTV HDAstra 2G11685V22000
Nautical HDAstra 3B11797H29500
NBA TVHispasat 30W-512207H27500
NBA TVTrksat 4A12072V27500
Neelain SportBadr 510810H27500
Neelain SportBadr 412523V27500
Nile SportsArabsat 5C3973L27500
Nile SportsNilesat 20111843H27500
Nova Sport 1Thor 611766V28000
Nova Sport 2 HDAstra 3B11973V29900
Nova Sport 2 HDEutelsat 16A10928H30000
Nova Sport 2 HDThor 612380V30000
Nova Sport BulgariaEutelsat 16A11595V30000
Nova Sport BulgariaIntelsat 12 IS-1211550V30000
Nova Sport BulgariaHellas Sat 212688H30000
Nova Sport HDAstra 3B11875H29900
Nova Sport HDEutelsat 16A10928H30000
Nova Sport HDThor 611843V30000
Nova Sport HD BulgariaIntelsat 12 IS-1211673V30000
Nova Sports 2 HDHot Bird 13B12130H27500
Nova Sports 3 HDHot Bird 13B11823H27500
Nova Sports 5 HDHot Bird 13B11823H27500
Nova Sports HDHot Bird 13B12130H27500
Nova Sports Live StatsHot Bird 13B11823H27500
Nova Sports Stories HDHot Bird 13B11938H27500
Novasports 24 HDHot Bird 13B11938H27500
NovaSports 4Hot Bird 13B12169H27500
Novasports Extra 1Hot Bird 13B11823H27500
nSport+Hot Bird 13C11449H27500
NTV SporEutelsat 7A11471H30000
NTV Spor HDEutelsat 7A10845H30000
NuvolariEutelsat 12 W B12638H13980
NW Sport 1Eutelsat 10A3664R3080
OL TV HDAstra 1L12699V22000
OM TV HDAstra 1L12699V22000
Oman TV Live HDBadr 612456H27500
Oman TV Live HDNilesat 20112111H27500
Oman TV SportBadr 612456H27500
Oman TV SportNilesat 20112111H27500
Oman TV Sport HDBadr 612456H27500
Oman TV Sport HDNilesat 20112111H27500
ON SportEutelsat 7 W A10853H27500
ON Sport HDEutelsat 7 W A10853H27500
OnBoard LeaderHot Bird 13B11900H29900
OnBoard Mix HDHot Bird 13B11900H29900
OnBoard Sky HDHot Bird 13B11900H29900
Onzeo HDAstra 1N12129V29700
ORF Sport PlusAstra 1KR11243H22000
ORF Sport+ HDAstra 1KR11273H22000
OSN Fight Network HDEutelsat 7 W A11276V27500
OSN Sports 1 HDEutelsat 7 W A10834V27500
OSN Sports 2 HDNilesat 20111996H30000
OSN Sports 5 HDEutelsat 8 W B11095V30000
Palestine SportBadr 411958H27500
Palestine SportEutelsat 8 W B12646H27500
PFCHispasat 30W-512207H27500
PFCHispasat 30W-512207H27500
PFCEutelsat 36B12073V27500
Polsat SportEutelsat 33C12722V16730
Polsat SportHot Bird 13C11158V27500
Polsat Sport ExtraEutelsat 33C12722V16730
Polsat Sport ExtraHot Bird 13C11158V27500
Polsat Sport Extra HDHot Bird 13B12264V27500
Polsat Sport Fight HDHot Bird 13B12284H27500
Polsat Sport HDHot Bird 13B12264V27500
Polsat Sport News HDHot Bird 13B12284H27500
Premier SportsAstra 2G11170H22000
Premium Calcio HDEutelsat 5 W A12627H35000
Premium SportEutelsat 5 W A12585H35000
Premium Sport 4KEutelsat 5 W A12585H35000
Premium Sport HDEutelsat 5 W A12627H35000
Ragbi TVAstra 5B12266H27500
Rai SportHot Bird 13C11804V27500
Rai SportEutelsat 5 W A11012V30000
Rai Sport + HDHot Bird 13C11766V29900
Rai Sport + HDEutelsat 5 W A11179V30000
Real Madrid TVAstra 1KR11685V22000
Real Madrid TVHispasat 30W-511811V27500
Real Madrid TVHispasat 30W-512130H27500
Roma ChannelHot Bird 13B11977H29900
Roma ChannelHot Bird 13B12341V29900
Rossiya 2Yamal 2024101R10050
Saran Spor HDEutelsat 7A10845H30000
Saudi Sport 1 HDBadr 412149H27500
Saudi Sport 2 HDBadr 412149H27500
SeeVii NauticalBadr 612380H27500
Setanta GeorgiaAstra 5B12266H27500
Setanta Plus GeorgiaAstra 5B12266H27500
Setanta Sport EvraziyaAstra 5B11973V27500
Setanta Sport Evraziya +Astra 5B12207V27500
SFR Sport 2 HDEutelsat 5 W A11679V29950
SFR Sport 3 HDEutelsat 5 W A11679V29950
Sharjah SportEutelsat 8 W B11013V27500
Sharjah Sport HDEutelsat 8 W B11013V27500
SK HDEutelsat 16A11220H30000
Sky BundesligaAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky BundesligaAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky BundesligaAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky BundesligaAstra 1M11758H27501
Sky BundesligaAstra 1M11758H27501
Sky BundesligaAstra 1N12031H27501
Sky Bundesliga HD 1Astra 1N12304H27501
Sky Bundesliga HD 2Astra 1N11914H27501
Sky Bundesliga HD 7Astra 1KR11170H22000
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12054H29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky CalcioHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky Calcio 1 HDHot Bird 13B12418V29900
Sky Calcio 2 HDHot Bird 13B12418V29900
Sky Calcio 3 HDHot Bird 13B12341V29900
Sky Calcio 4 HDHot Bird 13B12341V29900
Sky Calcio 5 HDHot Bird 13B12418V29900
Sky Calcio 6 HDHot Bird 13B12418V29900
Sky Calcio 7 HDHot Bird 13B11842V29900
Sky Calcio 8 HDHot Bird 13B11842V29900
Sky Sport 1 GermanyAstra 1N12031H27501
Sky Sport 1 HD ItaliaHot Bird 13B11996V29900
Sky Sport 1 ItaliaHot Bird 13B11958V27500
Sky Sport 1 Super HDHot Bird 13C12731H29900
Sky Sport 10 GermanyAstra 1M11758H27501
Sky Sport 10 HD GermanyAstra 1KR11332H22000
Sky Sport 11Astra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport 2 GermanyAstra 1M11758H27501
Sky Sport 2 HD ItaliaHot Bird 13B11996V29900
Sky Sport 2 ItaliaHot Bird 13B11958V27500
Sky Sport 24Hot Bird 13B11958V27500
Sky Sport 24 HDHot Bird 13B11996V29900
Sky Sport 3 GermanyAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport 3 HD ItaliaHot Bird 13B12360H29900
Sky Sport 3 ItaliaHot Bird 13B12054H29900
Sky Sport 4 GermanyAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport 5 GermanyAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport 6 GermanyAstra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport 7Astra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport 7 HD GermanyAstra 1N12070H27501
Sky Sport 8Astra 1M11758H27501
Sky Sport 8 HD GermanyAstra 1KR11170H22000
Sky Sport 9Astra 1M11758H27501
Sky Sport AustriaAstra 1M11758H27501
Sky Sport Austria HDAstra 1KR11170H22000
Sky Sport Bundesliga 10Astra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport Bundesliga 2Astra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport Bundesliga 4 HDAstra 1N12304H27501
Sky Sport Bundesliga 5 HDAstra 1N12382H27501
Sky Sport Bundesliga 6Astra 1M11719H27501
Sky Sport Bundesliga 6 HDAstra 1N12070H27501
Sky Sport Bundesliga 9 HDAstra 1KR11332H22000
Sky Sport Bundesliga UHDAstra 1N11797H27501
Sky Sport F1Hot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky Sport F1 HDHot Bird 13B11900H29900
Sky Sport HD 11Astra 1N11875H27500
Sky Sport HD 2 GermanyAstra 1M11992H27501
Sky Sport HD 3 GermanyAstra 1N11914H27501
Sky Sport HD 4 GermanyAstra 1M11992H27501
Sky Sport HD 5 GermanyAstra 1N12304H27501
Sky Sport HD 6 GermanyAstra 1N12382H27501
Sky Sport HD 9Astra 1N11875H27500
Sky Sport HD GermanyAstra 1N11914H27501
Sky Sport MixHot Bird 13B12073V29900
Sky Sport Mix HDHot Bird 13B12341V29900
Sky Sport MotoGPHot Bird 13B11958V27500
Sky Sport MotoGP HDHot Bird 13B11900H29900
Sky Sport News GermanyAstra 1KR10920H22000
Sky Sport News HD GermanyAstra 1N12304H27501
Sky Sport PlusHot Bird 13B12466V29900
Sky Sport Plus HDHot Bird 13B11842V29900
Sky Sport UHDAstra 1N11797H27501
Sky Sports 1Astra 2E12110H27500
Sky Sports 1Astra 2F12148H27500
Sky Sports 2Astra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports 2Astra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports 2 HDAstra 2F11719H29500
Sky Sports 2 HDAstra 2E12344H29500
Sky Sports 2 IrelandAstra 2E12110H27500
Sky Sports 3Astra 2E11914H27500
Sky Sports 3Astra 2E12110H27500
Sky Sports 3Astra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports 3 HDAstra 2E12363V29500
Sky Sports 4Astra 2E11914H27500
Sky Sports 4Astra 2F12148H27500
Sky Sports 4Astra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports 5Astra 2E11914H27500
Sky Sports 5Astra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports 5Astra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports 5 HDAstra 2F11719H29500
Sky Sports 5 HDAstra 2F12460H29500
Sky Sports F1Astra 2E12110H27500
Sky Sports F1 HDAstra 2E12363V29500
Sky Sports F1 UHDAstra 2F12285V29500
Sky Sports HD 1Astra 2E11798H29500
Sky Sports HD 4Astra 2E12344H29500
Sky Sports MixAstra 2E12266H27500
Sky Sports Mix HDAstra 2E11798H29500
Sky Sports News HQAstra 2F12148H27500
Sky Sports News HQAstra 2F12148H27500
Sky Sports News HQAstra 2F12207V27500
Sky Sports News HQIntelsat 9034095R16908
Sky Sports News HQNSS 124133R6050
Sky Sports News HQ HDAstra 2F11719H29500
Sky Sports News HQ HDAstra 2E11798H29500
Sky Sports News HQ HDAstra 2E12363V29500
Sky Sports News IrelandAstra 2F12148H27500
Sky SuperCalcioHot Bird 13B11958V27500
Sky SuperCalcio HDHot Bird 13B12360H29900
Sky The Open HDAstra 2E11856V29500
Smart SporTrksat 4A12188V27500
Smart Spor 2Trksat 4A12188V27500
SOS KanalHellas Sat 211135V30000
Sport 1 + HDAstra 1N12382H27501
Sport 1 Czechia SlovakiaEutelsat 16A11093V27500
Sport 1 Czechia SlovakiaThor 611804V28000
Sport 1 GermanyAstra 1M12480V27500
Sport 1 HD GermanyAstra 1KR10802H22000
Sport 1 HD GermanyEutelsat 9B11862H27500
Sport 1 HD AlbaniaEutelsat 16A11427V27500
Sport 1 HD CzechAstra 3B12070H27500
Sport 1 HD CzechThor 612380V30000
Sport 1 HD HungaryThor 612034V30000
Sport 1 HD HungaryAmos 310842V30000
Sport 1 HungaryThor 611727V28000
Sport 1 HungaryIntelsat 10-0212563H27500
Sport 1 HungaryAmos 210925V30000
Sport 1 UkraineAstra 5B11758H27500
Sport 2 CzechiaThor 611766V28000
Sport 2 HD AlbaniaEutelsat 16A11427V27500
Sport 2 HD CzechiaAstra 3B11797H29500
Sport 2 HD CzechiaEutelsat 16A11093V27500
Sport 2 HD CzechiaThor 612034V30000
Sport 2 HD HungaryAmos 310806V30000
Sport 2 HungaryThor 611766V28000
Sport 2 HungaryIntelsat 10-0212563H27500
Sport 2 HungaryAmos 210925V30000
Sport 2 UkraineAstra 5B11758H27500
Sport 3 HD AlbaniaEutelsat 16A11427V27500
Sport 4 HD AlbaniaEutelsat 16A11427V27500
Sport 5Astra 3B11797H29500
Sport 5Thor 612265V28000
Sport Active HDHot Bird 13B12207H29900
Sport ItaliaHot Bird 13B11996V29900
Sport ItaliaEutelsat 5 W A12627H35000
Sport Klub 1 SerbiaEutelsat 16A11595H30000
Sport Klub 2 SerbiaEutelsat 16A11512H30000
Sport Klub 3 SerbiaEutelsat 16A11512H30000
Sport Klub 3 SerbiaEutelsat 16A11554V30000
Sport Klub 3 SloveniaEutelsat 16A11231V30000
Sport Klub GolfEutelsat 16A11553H30000
Sport Klub GolfEutelsat 16A11678H30000
Sport Klub PolandHot Bird 13E10834V27500
Sport Klub StartEutelsat 16A11512H30000
Sport MThor 512188V28000
Sport MAmos 311425H30000
Sport Plus HDHellas Sat 212647H30000
Sport TV +Hispasat 30W-512476H27500
Sport TV 1 HDHispasat 30W-512246H27500
Sport TV 1 HDHispasat 30W-512246H27500
Sport TV 2Hispasat 30W-512168H27500
Sport TV 2Hispasat 30W-512360H27500
Sport TV 2 HDHispasat 30W-512246H27500
Sport TV 2 HDHispasat 30W-512246H27500
Sport TV 3Hispasat 30W-512168H27500
Sport TV 3Hispasat 30W-512360H27500
Sport TV 3 HDHispasat 30W-512246H27500
Sport TV 3 HDHispasat 30W-512246H27500
Sport TV 4Hispasat 30W-512130H27500
Sport TV 4Hispasat 30W-512360H27500
Sport TV 4KHispasat 30W-512284H27500
Sport TV 5Hispasat 30W-512476H27500
Sport TV 5Hispasat 30W-512476H27500
Sport TV1Hispasat 30W-512207H27500
Sport TV1Hispasat 30W-512360H27500
Sport.roAstra 5B12246V30000
Sport.roAstra 3B12517V16871
Sport.roEutelsat 16A12643V12500
Sport.roThor 611996V28000
Sport.roIntelsat 10-0212527H27500
Sport.roHellas Sat 212688V30000 HDAstra 5B12246V30000
Sport1 US HDAstra 1KR11332H22000
Sportdigital HDAstra 1L12515H22000
Sportdigital HDEutelsat 9B12437H27500
SportelevisionHot Bird 13E10853H29900
Sporting TVHispasat 30W-512476H27500
SportKlub 1 HvratskaEutelsat 16A11554V30000
Sports 24Intelsat 9034095R16908 1/2
Sports TVEutelsat 7A10803V29900
Sports TVTrksat 4A12344V30000
Sports TV HDEutelsat 7A10804H30000
Sports TV HDEutelsat 7A10804H30000
SportsMax 2Intelsat 344003V10000
ST World FootballEutelsat 10A3737R7305
Super TennisEutelsat 12 W B12718H36512
SuperSport 1Eutelsat 36B12245H27500
SuperSport 2Eutelsat 36B12054H27500
SuperSport 3Eutelsat 36B12245H27500
SuperSport 4Eutelsat 36B11900H27500
SuperSport 5Eutelsat 36B11900H27500
Supersport 5 HD AlbaniaEutelsat 16A10803H29950
SuperSport 6Eutelsat 36B11747H27500
SuperSport 7Eutelsat 36B11900H27500
Supersport 7 HDEutelsat 16A10762H30000
SuperSport 9 E AfricaEutelsat 36B11862H27500
SuperSport BlitzEutelsat 36B11900H27500
SuperSport HD 3Eutelsat 36B11919V27500
SuperSport HD 3 NigeriaEutelsat 36B11919V27500
SuperSport HD 5Eutelsat 36B11804V27500
SuperSport HD 5 NigeriaEutelsat 36B11919V27500
SuperSport HD 6Eutelsat 36B11919V27500
SuperSport HD-1Eutelsat 16A10845H30000
SuperSport HD-2Eutelsat 16A10845H30000
SuperSport HD-3Eutelsat 16A10845H30000
SuperSport HD-4Eutelsat 16A10845H30000
SuperSport MaXimoEutelsat 36B12245H27500
SuperSport MaXimo 2Eutelsat 36B11881V27500
SuperSport SelectEutelsat 36B11843V27500
SuperSport SelectEutelsat 36B12054H27500
SuperSport ServiceEutelsat 16A10803H29950
Supertennis HDHot Bird 13B12475H29900
Taraftar 3Eutelsat 7A11596H30000
Taraftar 3Turksat 3A11180H30000
TDN CentroamricaIntelsat 114179V30000
TDN CentroamricaIntelsat 114179V30000
TDN CentroamricaIntelsat 114179V30000
TDN HDIntelsat 114179V30000
TeledeporteAstra 1L11038V22000
TeledeporteHispasat 30W-511851V27500
Telekanal SportABS-212610V22000
Telesport AlbaniaEutelsat 16A11400V13846
TEN ActionIntelsat 20 IS-203712H14454
Ten CricketNilesat 20111804H27500
Ten CricketIntelsat 20 IS-203712H14454
Ten Sports Middle EIntelsat 20 IS-203712H14454
The Fight NetworkEutelsat 16A11554V30000
The Fight NetworkHot Bird 13C10930H30000
The Fight NetworkTelstar 12 Vantage12707H4055
The Fight NetworkIntelsat 12 IS-1211509V23333
The Fight NetworkTrksat 4A12072V27500
The Golf ChannelAstra 3B11797H29500
The Golf ChannelThor 612380V30000
Ticari beIN Sports 1Eutelsat 7A11492V30000
Ticari beIN Sports 1 HDEutelsat 7A10887V30000
Ticari beIN Sports 2Eutelsat 7A11471H30000
Ticari beIN Sports 2 HDEutelsat 7A11637H30000
Ticari beIN Sports 3Eutelsat 7A11596H30000
Ticari beIN Sports 3 HDEutelsat 7A10887V30000
Ticari beIN Sports 4Eutelsat 7A11596H30000
Tigo SportsIntelsat 113825H7500
Top CalcioEutelsat 12 W B12638H13980
TorosAstra 1L11097V22000
TorosHispasat 30W-511931V27500
Toros TVHispasat 30W-512476H27500
Toros TVHispasat 30W-512476H27500
Toros TV HDAstra 1M10935V22000
Trace SportsEutelsat 36B11785H27500
Trace SportsEutelsat 36B12034V27500
Trace Sports Stars HDAstra 5B12012V30000
Trace Sports Stars HDBadr 512265H27500
Trace Sports Stars HDEutelsat 9B11900H27500
Trace Sports Stars HDIntelsat 12 IS-1211673V30000
Tring Sport NewsEutelsat 16A11427V27500
TRT 3 HDTurksat 3A11053V30000
TRT Spor HDEutelsat 7A11637H30000
Turkmenistan SportTurkmenlem/MonacoS12304V27500
TV 12 SwedenAstra 4A11938V27500
TV 2 SportAstra 4A11727H27500
TV 2 SportThor 511247V24500
TV 2 Sport HD 1SES 511385V30000
TV 2 Sport Premium 1SES 511385V30000
TV 2 Sport Premium 2SES 511385V30000
TV 2 Sport Premium 2 HDThor 610747H25000
TV 2 Sport Premium 3SES 511385V30000
TV 2 Sport Premium 3 HDThor 610747H25000
TV 2 Sport Premium HDThor 610747H25000
TV 2 Sportskanalen HDThor 610747H25000
TV 3 Sport 1Astra 4A11727H27500
TV 3 Sport 1Thor 610934V25000
TV 3 Sport 1 HDSES 511305H30000
TV 3 Sport 1 HDSES 511345V30000
TV 3 Sport 2Astra 4A11727H27500
TV 3 Sport 2 HDSES 511345V30000
TV 4 Sport HDSES 511345H30000
TV 4 Sport HDThor 610903H25000
TV2 Sport HD DenmarkSES 511305H30000
TV2 Sport HD DenmarkThor 610903H25000
TVN TurboHot Bird 13C11393V27500
TVN Turbo HDHot Bird 13C11508V27500
TVP SportHot Bird 13C10719V27500
TVP Sport HDHot Bird 13E10834V27500
TYC SportsIntelsat 114026V18530
Uomo partitaHot Bird 13B12360H29900
VG HDThor 712476H30000
Viasat Fotball HDSES 511305H30000
Viasat Fotball HDThor 610809H25000
Viasat FotbollAstra 4A11862V27500
Viasat Fotboll HDSES 511345H30000
Viasat Fotboll HDThor 511309V25000
Viasat GolfAstra 4A11727H27500
Viasat Golf HDSES 511345V30000
Viasat HockeyAstra 4A11977V27500
Viasat Hockey HDSES 511305H30000
Viasat Hockey HDThor 511309V25000
Viasat Jkiekko HDThor 511278V25000
Viasat Jalkapallo HDThor 511278V25000
Viasat MotorAstra 4A11862V27500
Viasat MotorThor 610934V25000
Viasat Motor HDSES 511305V30000
Viasat Sport BalticAstra 4A11804H27500
Viasat Sport Baltic RussiaAstra 5B12266H27500
Viasat Sport Baltic RussiaAmos 311258H30000
Viasat Sport Baltic RussiaABS-212518V22000
Viasat Sport HDSES 511305H30000
Viasat Sport HDAmos 311258H30000
Viasat Sport HD NorgeSES 511345H30000
Viasat Sport HD NorgeThor 712476H30000
Viasat Sport PremiumAstra 4A11977V27500
Viasat Sport Premium HDSES 511305H30000
Viasat Sport SverigeAstra 4A11977V27500
Willow CricketIntelsat 20 IS-203783H6990
WinsportsIntelsat 114139H9600
XSportAstra 4A12130V27500
XSportAstra 4A12341H30000
YAS SportsBadr 611804H27500
YAS SportsHot Bird 13C11747H27500
YAS Sports HDEutelsat 7 W A12467H27500
Ziggo Sport 1 Select HDAstra 3B12129V29900
Ziggo Sport 1 VoetbalAstra 3B12129V29900
Ziggo Sport1 GolfAstra 3B12129V29900